The Story

We create coffee that inspires us.

The journey began over a shared passion for coffee; its story, flavour, and ability to bring people together.

Rise&Grind Coffee Co is a family business that shares a common desire: making amazing coffee and sharing it with others.


Our Passion:
We love searching out exceptional beans, perfecting how they’re roasted and prepared, and serving them to people who appreciate the experience.

Serving good coffee is about following a process. Serving memorable coffee comes down to the nuances and the subtleties. Those are the places our passion resides.


The Mission:
Our mission is simple: to help you get more out of each day! 
We believe life is for living and a day without coffee is like… actually we have no idea.
That is where we come in, we keep you caffeinated, so you can focus on doing life.
We couldn’t imagine a better job than bringing you amazing coffee.