The Legend of Coffee

Do you know the legend of coffee?

Once upon a time…an Ethiopian Goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats were behaving in a strange fashion; dancing and frolicking all over the hills…

After watching them for some time he surmised the source of their energy came from a bright red berry the goats liked to nibble on…

Being a curious man, he nibbled on the beans himself … “BOOM!” The Kick got him.

He took the magical red beans to the monks in his village. The older men apparently dismissed these new things as dangerous and threw them on the fire!

Now we know what happened next: The monastary was soon filled with a wonderful aroma that we know too well and love.

How could anything that smelt that good be anything but heaven sent?

The monks used the beans to create an aromatic brew – which they believed was truly from God as it helped to keep them awake through their evening prayers.