An advantage of using the AeroPress is that you can experiment with different grinds and coffee-to-water ratios depending on what you want your coffee to taste like and how many cups you need to make.

Using more than the recommended 18g of coffee will result in a stronger cup of coffee which can be diluted with hot water or milk to create a different coffee experience.

Step 1:

Assemble the AeroPress with a paper filter inside the cap and place on top of a mug.

Rinse the filter paper with hot water.

Step 2:

Using the funnel, pour 18g of coffee into the AeroPress. Remove the funnel, place the AeroPress with the mug on a scale and tare.

Step 3:

Start the timer.
Half fill with just off-the-boil water ensuring there are no dry spots. At 1 min stir the brew with a spoon and fill leaving 2.5cm of space at the top.

Step 4:

Insert the plunger and wait. At 2 min, firmly press down the plunger until you hear a long hiss.

Step 5:

Taste the coffee and enjoy. If desired add more water.